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    For Screening Assessments the number of bedrooms helps inform the number of samples expected to be required and therefore the estimated cost. A 1-3 bedroom property allows for up to 10 samples, 4-6 bedrooms allows for 11-20 samples and a 7+ bedroom property allows for 21-30 samples. To meet best practice standards, a sample is required is every area separated by a door. If more samples are required to meet these standards, additional costs will be incurred, the technician will discuss this with you onsite if it is required.
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Screening Assessment: Field Composite

This type of test is most commonly used when screening a property for methamphetamine. It is the most economical type of test but does not provide individual results as it is reported as an accumulative total.

Screening Assessment: Field Composite: Up to 10 samples. Suitable for typical 1 - 3 Bedroom Property (Single Dwelling)

Price includes gst - A maximum of 10 samples. Additional samples will incur an additional cost.
As all areas within the property are required to be sampled as per NZS8510:2017 do you give permission for Healthy Homes NZ to take additional samples if the number required exceeds the amount ordered? Please note if "Yes" an additional cost will be incurred should additional samples be required to meet the standard.
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Please be aware that for most regions there is a 3 week wait to get an assessment booked in.
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